Saturday, May 9, 2009

Waterfront Defense

We let this blog go quiet for a while, in fact, for quite a while, last October 25 to be exact.

In view of the current brouhaha about the erroneous overpayment and allegations of fraud, duplicity and other potentially unethical or criminal behavior, it's time to set the record straight. We began doing that with a press conference on Thursday, May 7th, that is now showing up in the Key West Citizen and the Keynoter

Readers are invited to read the articles and the comments attached to them, and to then return here to ask any questions they may have. Thoughtful and polite comments will be accepted anonymously, but we encourage readers, especially Bahama Village readers, to give their names and to become involved in the defense of the waterfront, including the Bahama Conch Village. Questions raised by readers will be answered as expeditiously as possible and in this forum.

Any one who wants to meet with a board member, for any reason, can call the BCCLT office, (305) 294-0884, and ask for an appointment or a call back

Robert Kelly
BCCLT Board Member

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Anonymous said...

My name is Jim and please take a look at the Solaris Hill article as well. So far the fairist review from the press conference.

Reality dictates a look into the City. How much money has been paid out in lawsuits? Especially over the last four years?? Lawsuits stem from mistakes last I checked. The City with it's financial dilemma should also be audited.

Just my opinion.