Saturday, October 25, 2008

Radio Interview

Guy DeBoer of Manley-DeBoer Lumber Co. broadcasts a weekly radio program called On The Waterfront each Saturday morning at 10:00 AM on WIIS, Island Radio 107.1 FM. As the blog name implies, deBoer's focus is the waterside of Key West.

This past August (21st) deBoer's guests for the entire one-hour program were Norma Jean Sawyer-Atanda, BCCLT's Executive Director, and her deputy, Wheeler Winstead. I hadn't heard the interview before now, but discovered that deBoer has a web site where his weekly programs are archived and can be played or downloaded. I thought that the interview with Norma-Jean and Wheeler was very effective in describing the mission, the history, and the current state of affairs at the BCCLT.

The interview can be found here; Scroll down to August 21 and click on the link there.

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